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To Whom It May Concern:

On 4/20/07 my vehicle that I purchased through Hyundai Motor Finance corp. on 4/2/07 sustained an accident resulting in a total loss. My insurance company covered a majority of the finance loss and made a payment to Hyundai on 5/16/07, and I was told that I would be responsible for the remaining balance (minus the cancellation of an extended warranty that I had additionally included with the purchase).

After a few UNRETURNED phone calls to the department handling my claim, I was able to speak with a representative who informed me that my total due would not be calculated until they received the refund from the warranty which could take up to 60 days AND the account would continue to accrue interest that would be my responsiblity. I was also informed that the Hyundai dealer was notified to cancel the warranty on 5/16/07 and once this was completed I would be sent a bill for the remaining balance to settle the account.

Well, it is now 6/20/07, and I had yet to receive a final payoff bill, however, instead a received a regular installment bill stating that I was two months delinquent on my account.

After spending nearly an hour just trying to get connected to a customer service representative that could actually help me ,repeating myself over and over to different people only to be given the run around some more regarding the status of my account , and the phone literally disconnecting when the call was SUPPOSED to be transferred, even after all of that I still received rude customer service who made it clear that it "wasn't there job" to follow up with the Hyundai company to make sure they cancelled the warranty when I informed them that I contacted the warranty provider directly and was informed that NO request for cancellation was received to date, which further prolongs my account status as open with an outstanding balance. UNBELIEVABLE is all I can say. Not only will I never purchase another vehicle from this company again, but I will tell everyone I know about the *** poor service that I received in how Hyundai motor finance is handling my claim!!!

THe final verdict...They accepted a payment which is supposed to cover my end of the responsibility to the company, but I have a feeling this is not the end of it and I was told to call back in another month to see if the warranty credit has been applied and to REMIND them to update my credit report to show that the vehicle was paid off! Another month...Good luck with customer service for this company.

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